The successful restoration of a disturbed ecosystem is the acid test of our understanding of that ecosystem.
Bradshaw (1987)

If Bradshaw was right, it means that FORRU has passed some of those bitter tests for almost 20 years. Not letting you to repeat the same steps, we want you to continue from our experience.  Our research nursery is located in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, our aim is to find out how to propagate native tree species efficiently. From seeds, we carried out germination trials, including numbers of test on suitable types of container and media for potting. In addition, other techniques including cutting and wildling are investigated to figure out the most cost effective way. We are welcome all enthusiatic visitors from everywhere to share experience and knowledge. Native seedlings with optimal height and quality were transferred into degraded sites at Ban Mae Sa Mai community, in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, to test if they could be suitable framework species candidates for northern forest ecosystem. Since 1996, we continuingly planted native tree species into the areas. Biodiversity recovery is captured in our demonstration plots, various ages showed interesting trend of plant and animal diversity. Furthermore, our plots can be a participatory model to work closely with local community from planning, implementaiton to knowledge transfer.