Education Servies and Outreach


Since 1994, FORRU-CMU's research has generated an immense amount of new knowledge and techniques to restore tropical forest ecosystems. But all that information is useless unless delivered into the hands of those most able to make use of it - from NGO's and community groups to government offiers and even children and their teachers.

Our education team runs a school programs for both local and internatonal schools, workshops and provides extension services as requested.

Schools Program


As children have the most to gain from forest restoration, FORRU-CMU places emphasis on this age group for education. FORRU-CMU works with both local and international schools. Activities for schools can include a visit by the FORRU education team to the school itself or a visit by the school to FORRU's nurseries or field sites, including guided walks in natural forest.

Visits to a nursery usually entail nursery modules such as how to pot seedlings correctly, basic facts about fruits and seeds, different seed structures and how seeds are dispersed, as well as nursery care for growing trees. Then the kids are taken along the Fig Trail through Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, to visit the biggest tree on the mountain, which takes around an hour. 


The walk is easy and we stop along the way to talk with the children about forest regeneration, biodiversity and view some of the most interesting plant species in evergreen forest. Here Ratthaphon (Golf) from the education unit leads an international school from all over the world to an educational forest walk. We have some fun educational resources about forest restoration we have compiled. Please check them from education resources. 

Local Schools

UploadImageLocal school programs, covering
a range of topics related to the
environment and forests, are tailor-
made to entertain and educate
children from kindergarten to high
schools. FORRU-CMU aims to ignite
in children an interest and respect
for nature; one that they will take
with them through life. For young
children, sessions may be about
 introducing a simple environmental
concept, using interactive education
such as music and acting. 
While for
 older children, we look at the
environment and forest in more
detail, and introduce issues forest
degradation and forest restoration.

"Forest on Blackboard" - our special outreach project for schools in Kanchanabuti Province.

International Schools Programs


Prem Tinsulanonda Centre for International Education (Prem Centre) and FORRU have been working together on a Collaboration for Environmental Education since 2005. The aim is to promote environmental education among school children, with a focus on forests and trees. This collaboration is comprised of three main activities:
1. Environmental education services at FORRU-CMU’s nursery and field facilities for schools participating in programs run by Prem Centre.
2. The same for local schools, funded by the proceeds raised from international events. 
3. Provision of advice and trees for improving the ecological quality of PTIS School campus.

Training Programs

Training programs are aimed at NGO's, government officials, agencies, international bodies, and university students. Workshops usually involve spending time in the nursery and learning about propagation and how to germination techniques, phenology studies, and general nursery care.

A trip to the Hmong village of Ban Mae Sa Mai is undertaken to see the experimental plots that FORRU-CMU has planted over the past 16 years and to witness first-hand the results of the Framework Species Method. The trip to Mae Sa Mai is also important as it gives the participants a chance to have a discussion with the community and learn from them what it means to be a part of this project.

FORRU-CMU is able to tailor a workshop for your specific needs, so feel free to contact us 
golf.forru@gmail.com if you are interested.