Forest Restoration in Indochina.

FORRU, in association with the U.K's East Malling Research (EMR) and Wildlife

, received support from 
the Darwin Initiative to expand our extension services over 3 years (2005-2008) to three regional countries. This initiative was to facilitate restoration of forest ecosystems for biodiversity recovery in Indochina, by transferring skills and proven technologies to key stakeholders in China , Laos and Cambodia . FORRU assisted them to develop local versions of the framework species technique and design Forest Restoration Research and Training Units in their own countries, based on the existing model that FORRU developed in northern Thailand, suited to their own local ecological and socio-economic conditions. In addition, a new manual, Research for Restoring Tropical Forests was produced, and concise versions of How to Plant A Forest were adapted and translated into the language of each country.
All the reports from this project are available from the 
Darwin Initiative website.

Project Outcomes

The purpose of the project was to improve the institutional capacity of the host country partners to undertake restoration of natural forest ecosystems for biodiversity recovery. The project achieved all of its outputs, which inclu