The Global Guide

    Restoring Tropical Forests: A Practical Guide

With sponsorship from Britain's Darwin Initiative, FORRU-CMU worked with Kate Hardwick from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and David Blakesley from Wildlife Landscapes, to compile a generic 'global guide' to restoring tropical forests. Combining the experience and techniques, developed by FORRU-CMU, with case studies from all tropical regions, this manual provides a starting point for forest restoration projects on all three tropical continents, with editions in English, Spanish and French.

The project strengthens the longterm legacy of two previous Darwin projects (2002-05 and 2005-08), in which FORRU-CMU was a partner, by enabling the publication outputs of those projects, designed for Indochina (i.e. "How to Plant a Forest" and "Research for Restoration Tropical Forest Ecosystems"), to be enhanced for use throughout the tropics.

In recent years, interest in restoring tropical forest ecosystems, both for biodiversity rec