Meet FORRU Interns and Volunteers


Daniella Chehade

A Swedish-Lebanese student studying Environmental 
Sciences in Avans University, The Netherlands, 
decided to join FORRU for her graduation project. She wants to be a part of the research development for investigating alternative herbicides from pioneer tree species as well as participate in project activities for forest restoration strategies.

Tijmen Steffens
He is a third year student studying Environmental science at Avans Hogeschool in Breda, he has a big interest in the automated restoration project at Forru and will be basing his research project on that. It is his first time travelling outside of Europe and is therefore very excited to be participating in the various field trips the FORRU team excecutes.

Lena Bothur (Charlie)
Intern from Germany from the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. She is studying Biomimetics and just started on her third year. She is involved with the field work as well as helping the education team making leaflets and translate the comic book for children. She is generally interested in the methods and procedures of forest restoration and is looking forward to the field trips and to learn some Thai.